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About Original Artwork: Spring Hue, oil on canvas, 60x70cm


After a long and dark winter I needed to awaken myself, see the sun again, feel love and enjoy blossoming nature. If you take a closer look at the painting, you will find love. Good luck!

Spring Hue Mini

  • Mini-Print Collection was designed to let you enjoy high-quality Eibert Art prints in any part of your interior. Also, this would be a beautiful gift to anyone who would like to brighten their home or workspace with some colors. 


    About the print:

    • Print on Acrylic Glass comes in sizes 10 x 15 cm and 20 x 30 cm.
    • The glossy photo paper set behind 25 mm thick crystal clear acrylic glass creates a beautiful 3D effect with impressive depth. While the back is white and opaque, the image remains clearly visible from the front and sides.


    Would like to learn more about the material, quality and delivery time? Please, visit FAQ or contact us.

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