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Daria Eibert is an Estonian visual artist.

Daria received a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tartu, Estonia. She developed a strong interest in arts in her student years. Passionate about still life painting, she took private lessons from Peeter Krosman, an Estonian artist. To further improve her technique, Daria joined private classes in the studio of Professor Krachmer and mastered portrait painting with oils. She also attended a Figure Drawing course in Studio Escalier in Paris.

Daria’s canvas is her laboratory where she studies each color and how it influences her state of being and vice versa. It is always a surprise which path she will take. Her paintings are sort of self-portraits, but instead of a real face, Daria chooses an iris flower that became her only object for painting.

A flower, in general, is a plant structure that is involved in sexual reproduction. While the iris flower was named after the Greek Goddess Iris, who acted as the link between heaven and earth. This way Daria depicts a cycle of her emotions that is rooted in femininity, eroticism and procreation. 

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Instagram: eibert_art

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