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Floral Artist

Born in St.Petersburg, Russia

Lives & Works in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Daria Eibert is a Russian-Estonian artist, based in Amsterdam. She has been making art since 2006. It took her twelve years before she dedicated herself to one particular object - an iris flower. Her work aims to unfold femininity and eroticism rooted in nature. Using an almost monochrome palette, she explores the depth, intensity and origins of sensuality. 

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, in 2006 I moved to Estonia to study psychology, and accidentally found a book on watercolour techniques. This book fuelled my interest in painting and turned my weekends into artistic escapes. I was spending long hours at my grandmother’s house in the countryside in Estonia, practicing watercolor until my neck was getting numb.


To further hone my painting skills, I decided to find a professional artist who would teach me the right techniques and help me grow further. I approached Peeter Krosman, an Estonian artist. Peter has contributed a lot to my artistic development and showed how I can express myself freely through colors.

After a few years I moved back to St.Petersburg and started taking private  lessons from a famous Russian artist Vladimir Zagorov. While trying to master my self-expression, I have also joined the classes of Professor Krachmer. Finally, in 2014 I took an intensive painting course in Paris. Painting had started to become an inseparable part of my life and, after a few commissioned works, I felt an urge to rent my own studio.

Nowadays I am frequently painting in my studio in Amsterdam and teaching painting techniques on a private basis.

daria [at] eibert.art
Instagram: eibert_art


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