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About Artwork


This artwork is the miniature version of the captivating 90x90cm artwork titled "Prancing Prussian." 


Artistic creation isn't always a calculated plan; rather, it emerges from a deep inner need. In this case, an irresistible urge arose, compelling the exploration of the profound Prussian blue and its various shades. This artwork beautifully represents the journey of fulfilling such a powerful longing, with its highs and lows.


Human nature, complex and unyielding, becomes an unstoppable force when driven towards a specific goal. The passion to act, at times almost frenzied, is embodied within this mesmerizing depiction of an iris. It enthrals viewers with its air of intriguing mystery, difficult to resist.


For those familiar with Somerset Maugham's renowned novel, "The Moon and Sixpence," they may discern traces of its protagonist's destiny and struggles subtly reflected in the iris named "Prancing Prussian."

Prancing Prussian Mini

  • Oil on canvas, 10 x 10cm.

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