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In the rich tapestry of cultures, each reveals unique symbols and terms, crafting distinct realms. Within the Japanese language, two cultural treasures emerge: Kinakuridon and Hitoritashii.


Kinakuridon, an exclusive pigment in Japanese tradition, graces the canvas, portraying the beauty of individuality. Its brilliance echoes the essence of iris petals—an emblem of courage found in solitude.


Harmonizing seamlessly, "Hitoritashii" articulates profound joy in being alone. These iris petals embody a duality—an acknowledgment of courage within solitude and a desire for companionship.


In this nuanced linguistic landscape, Kinakuridon transcends pigment; it's a brushstroke celebrating individual existence. Hitoritashii isn't just a phrase; it's a whisper of shared contentment across cultures.


The strokes on the canvas tell a story that transcends cultural boundaries. These iris petals, infused with the unique essence of Kinakuridon and Hitoritashii, stand as cultural emissaries—proclaiming the courage of individuality and the timeless yearning for companionship.

Kinakuridon de hitoritashii hanabira

  • Oil on canvas, 13 x 18cm, depth 2cm, framed.

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