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About Artwork


This was my very first artwork in yellow. All of my previous works were predominantly composed of purple shades. The more I delve into the past, the better I comprehend myself. Just like "Flaming Cadmium," this creation emerged out of a profound need. While the latter artwork embodied an urge to express a surge of energy and release emotions, this piece served a different purpose - to cultivate positivity, instill faith within myself, and manifest a new chapter of life.


I can attest that crafting a piece with the intention of entering a specific emotional state is a challenge because you haven't arrived there yet; your mind resonates with a different energy. Nevertheless, it is an act of forging a new reality, a state you aspire to inhabit despite not being present in it yet. Call it manifestation or wishful thinking, but taking action will propel you toward the desired outcome. It all boils down to that daunting first step.

Cadmium Yellow

  • Oil on canvas, 60×80cm.

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