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About Original Artwork: Alizarin, 90x110cm, oil on canvas


Red is quite a controversial color and yet intense. It represents passion, love, lust and at the same time fatality, vices and moral corruption. Initially, I wanted to capture lust for life, but in the end it evolved into representation of both sides of human soul - its endless fight between temptations and desires. While working on “Alizarin” I was accompanied by “Portrait of Dorian Gray”, hence no wonder where my inspiration came from.


  • Limited Collection Art Prints accordance with the Certified Art Giclée™ quality label.

    • 25 pieces per each material. 
    • Comes with a matching certificate of authenticity, also hand-signed and numbered.
    • The Certified Art Giclée™ quality label is the European standard for original limited Art Giclées.
    • Shipped unframed, in a solid cardboard tube 

    Would like to learn more about the production time, Giclée prints, quality and more? Please, visit FAQ or contact us.

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