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Daria Eibert (1989) is an Estonian visual artist born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and now based in Detroit.

Artist Statement 

My canvas serves as my laboratory, where I meticulously explore the interplay between color and my state of being. Each painting journey is a delightful surprise, revealing new artistic paths. My work transcends traditional self-portraits by focusing on the captivating iris flower.

Flowers symbolize the essence of sexual reproduction in the plant world, and the iris flower is particularly significant. Named after the Greek Goddess Iris, who bridged heaven and earth, the iris embodies a continuous cycle of emotions deeply rooted in femininity, eroticism, and procreation. Through my art, I strive to capture these themes, portraying the iris as a powerful symbol of life and emotion.

2011-2018 - Private Lessons (Peeter Krosmann, Estonia; Vladimir Zagorov, St.Petersburg, Prof. Vladimir Krachmer, St. Petersburg)
2015 - Studio Escalier, Winter School, Intensive Drawing Class 
2006-2012, MA in Psychology, University of Tartu, Estonia

2021 - International Art Exhibition “Botanicals”, Art Room Gallery, Online 

Art Projects
2022 - Expert in BloomTV, online floral television (art tutorials)

Oct 2021 - ArtistTalkMagazine, Issue 17
May 2023 - Art Guide Antwerp


Tel. 313-913-7865

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