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Emerging from a long, dark winter, I yearned for a canvas to express my soul's reawakening. In this oil painting, bathed in luxurious violet tones against a verdant green backdrop, I've poured my longing for sunlight, love, and the blossoming of nature.

The rich violets embody the warmth and vitality of newfound life, a personal anthem to passion and revival. The green background, a lush tapestry, signifies nature's promise of renewal and growth—a mirror to my own journey.


Delve into the strokes, and you'll find love interwoven, a hidden dance that mirrors my own rediscovery of affection's transformative power. May this piece resonate, offering a glimpse into the beauty of my renewal, the embrace of love, and the eternal allure of nature's rebirth. Good luck unraveling the layers, and I hope it resonates with your own longing for light and love.

Spring Hue

  • Oil on canvas, 60 x 70cm.

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