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About Artwork


Contemplating my thoughts and feelings often leaves me in a mysterious state. I'm a puzzle to myself, and understanding my own mind completely seems impossible. Our bodies may be temporary, but the soul inside is everlasting, moving through time and places, transitioning from one form to another.


This painting, bathed in shades of violet, represents my reflections. Violet isn't just a color to me; it signifies knowledge, mystery, and eternity. Picture a floating violet iris—it's a symbol of our soul's timeless journey through the universe. It carries wisdom from past lives, creating a beautiful, endless cycle.


Take a moment with this artwork. Let it prompt you to think about your own soul's role in your body and the timeless wisdom it carries. The floating violet iris invites you to ponder the deep mystery of our souls and their ongoing travels through the vastness of the universe.

Shades of Violet

  • Oil on canvas, 80 x 100cm.

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